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Montreal Music Video

Music Video production Montreal

We offer a full range of music video production services from the shoot to the final edit of your video.

We produce high-quality creative production services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a production company that will put its heart into every video clip, then look no further because that is what we do here at Light Warrior Films!

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production Services

Corporate videos are a tool for teaching employees about safety protocols and procedures, training videos for your sales team on business development and growth strategies.

They can also serve as Marketing Videos to advertise your products and services via a fully implemented marketing strategy.

We all know that first impressions matter, and these videos will help you make a strong one!

Wedding video production montreal

wedding video production

There are so many benefits to getting a wedding video.

You can watch it over and over again, take the best parts of the day and edit them together, tell your friends and family who couldn’t be there what happened, have something to show your kids when they’re older, or even go back to that one moment you’ll never forget.

Our wedding video production services will provide a talented team of videographers in Montreal, Canada, to shoot your special day and capture every heartfelt moment.


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Looking for the top videographers near me?

At Light Warrior Films, our main point of focus is client satisfaction. We prefer to provide quality over quantity in each of our video productions. We have also perfected the art of working on small, medium and large projects, no production is too large or too small for us to provide an outstanding end result. We believe that video productions made in Montreal always tend to have that extra creative flare!

video productions have never been this easy!

pre-production & Conceptualization

Our team will work with you on concept development to find the most efficient yet creative means of conveying your message into visual form.

Our innovative team of directors and producers will discuss your vision, develop a strategy for creating the idea conceptualization, the scenes proposals, and the shoot planning.

Montreal video production

Direction & Production

Many video productions underestimate the complexity of the request, and this affects the outcome.

We assure you that our Directors and Producer are world-class in their fields, they can adapt and always provide outstanding quality.

Leave the vision of your project in our hands as we will make sure to meet or exceed expectations.

Our video productions are shot in 4K resolution and with outstanding drone shots.

Editing & Post-Production

An essential phase in the filmmaking process is post-production.

In the post-production, we have a team of experts trained in cutting techniques and editing functionality so they can seamlessly edit the footage from the filming process.

Our team will keep you informed about every step of the process during post-production to ensure that all requirements surpass your expectations.

We can adapt

We work with every budget (big and small) and will deliver on expectations

We are Versatile

Our creative team provides world class concepts for optimal storytelling

4k Productions

We shoot in 4k from a range of cameras

Drone Footage

All our video productions include drone footage. We are licensed.

Video Production Montreal

We are located in the
heart of Montreal

Cinematic visuals

A big advantage of working with us is to always have a cinematic end result!

Only Work with the Top Video Production Companies in Montreal

In the past ten years, video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to build a brand and attract targeted customers.

In fact, some studies have shown that, on average, companies who use video get a 20% increase in lead generation while their competitors who do not use it see a 20% decrease.

Not all businesses need to hire a dedicated marketing company with complex marketing strategies; most video production agencies will assign a creative team to your growth campaign and organically boost your conversion rate.

So if you feel like your business is missing out on something important, you should consider working with a professional video production company to launch a content creation campaign to work closely on top-notch branded content for your company.

Video Production Companies Montreal

Our Video Production Tools

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Red Camera
Black Magic Design


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