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WHY you NEED a corporate video?

Truth be told, we believe that every business needs a promotional tool that can explain the vision of the company and acquire more clients/partners in the process.

We strongly believe in a visual (video) presence which allows to show in detail all the ins and outs of your company, get members of the team to explain the core values and increase your online visibility.

A great promotional video can do wonders for your company, not only does it allow you to clearly communicate your core values, but also let’s you promote your brand internationally. This is the most efficient way to brand your company.


When it comes to the process of creating a promotional video for our clients, we focus on simplicity, world-class efficiency and top quality. 

The way to proceed is very simple, first reach out to us. Our team will ask you key questions to understand the essence of your company. Then we will propose a few ideas and concepts. Once we lock in the desired idea, we then start planning the production schedule.

At this junction, we proceed with the filming of the scenes, interviews and extra footage, giving the video more than only talking heads. Our process is simple and straight to the point which gives us outstanding results. 


The real question is, what are your needs?

Every production has different needs and all quotes are completely custom made.  It really depends on multiple factors: How many days are required to shoot? How many scenes? Indoor or outdoor shoot? Both? Do you want a simple concept or something that requires a ton of special effect and transitions?

Answering all these questions will help us understand if it can be a one man shoot or if we need a team of 20 (Locations, Camera, Sound, Makeup, Decoration/Set Design, Lighting, Grips and Gaffers, Art, Props, Focus Puller, Clapper). We understand that most corporate video productions do not require an overkill team to shoot simple scenes, but without much information, it is difficult to provide an accurate quote.

Let’s plan your corporate video in montreal


Yes absolutely, we work with all the latest in cinema cameras which are in 4k. We even have a drone with the required license to use it for any most video productions in Montreal and all surrounding areas.

Both the Raw footage and final video qill be in 4k, which can then be uploaded to any video platform or even on your website. Once the project is complete, we will provide you with multiple video qualities (720p, 1080p and 4k) which is great to have depending where you want to upload it.

Are drone shots included?

Yes, our team is trained and licensed to fly drones. Depending on the allowed areas in and around Montreal, we offer drone shots in all our corporate video productions.

Allow our team to capture amazing cinematic footage for your corporate video in Montreal, giving the production value of your video a large boost.

Our goal is to provide the highest production value for all our corporative videos while being able to convey your company’s core mission statement, the value in your products/services and reflecting exactly the message to your key demographic.

Montreal corporate Video Production

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