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How to get started?

To get a music video production started in Montreal with us is simple. Start by reaching out to us, either by phone, message or even live chat with us.

Once we are in touch, we can figure out the concept and ideas for the video, our team excells at developping top notch concepts that are story focused.

Our mission is to make each production as seemless and stress-free as possible for our clients, always looking for the best solutions when needed.

How much is a music video?

The biggest advantage of working with us versus anyone else is that we really know how to maximize the efficiency of each dollar. We understand that  you may have a specific budget in mind which we absolutely take into consideration and plan accordingly.

Each music video that we have created has a unique price and it all depends on the requirements of the project. A full music video can start at $2,000 and go up to $20,000+, but it all depends on the concept and complexity of the production.

How long until the video is ready for release?

Usually, the pre-production process can take anywhere between one week and a month, depending on how much planning is needed for the shoot.

Once the video is shot, we normally require a timeline of one month to get the editing and special effects completed, but most of the time the video is done within 2 weeks.

Let’s plan your next music video 

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why chose us for your next music video production

Finding the perfect video production company can sometimes be a lengthy task and also a gamble. You never know if you’re going to love or hate the final product.

Choosing to work with us will reduce the stress since we take all the necessary steps to make sure we provide Exactly what you’re looking for. Yes, the process could take a bit longer but it will be absolutely worth it.

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wyclef jean shoutout
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Wyclef Jean

Yo it’s Wyclef Jean, I’m invading Patrick Barbeau’s Facebook, you already know what it is. We are out here in Canada, Montreal at the Grand Prix, you know I love cars but tonight we are shooting a video.

We have the DP here and the Director shooting back and forth, and this is of course from the April Showers mixtape, tonight we are celebrating the April Showers Mixtape going Platnum baby.


What’up tho your boy Imposs out here. I want to give a big shoutout to my boy P, Pat what’s good man, you know what it is.

Any visuals you need, that’s my boy right here, we did a lot, especially the video we did with Wyclef, Real City, lookout for that, it’s going to be major, it’s going to be epic.

You know what it is man, the biggest visuals in the city right now, for my people.
Salute, one love.

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Bilo Da Kid

Hey man, it’s your favorite rapper, the most in demand Bilo Da Kid, and I’m here chilling with Patrick Barbeau one of the biggest directors you guys ever gonna see, especially coming from Montreal.

I had an amazing day working with them, they bring that quality vision, quality visuals, it is what it is man, from your favorite rapper Bilo Da Kid. Peace.

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