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When it comes to real estate, many people tend to overlook the importance of video marketing. Standing out with a luxurious property video not only attracts more potential clients, but the clients you attract tend to be warm leads.

Many benefits come from this type of marketing strategy, which we will go into detail on this page.

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What is real estate videography?

A real estate video production is a very powerful marketing tool to attract new potential buyers’ attention and show the property in an attractive, powerful, and professional manner.

A property video can help turn a viewer into a potential warm lead by propelling you ahead of the competition and creating good interest.

Real estate videography is a potent marketing tool to help brand and market real estate listings, increase sales and accelerate the whole process.

About Light Warrior Films

Light Warrior Films is a video production company that specializes in real estate marketing videos as well as photo and video editing. We have been in the industry for over a decade.

We are not the average production company, but our work is guaranteed to become a part of your marketing strategy.

We deliver outstanding customer service while working closely with you to produce an engaging real estate marketing video that will help sell your property.

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What are the benefits of using videography services for real estate agents

Creating a real estate video is an effective way to market your property due to the fact that videos have a higher retention rate than just a simple description with a few pictures.

Statistics show that people spend 2x more time watching a video than reading the description of a property listing.

A good quality real estate video can help you attract more attention and convey your message of why someone should invest in the property, show off the benefits and motivate a potential sale.

What better way to get fresh leads than offering quality content and a video tour of the house or listing that you are selling. This marketing tool is meant to help expedite your growth and find potential buyers.

At the same time, other agents are afraid to use the videography business model and limit themselves to social media platforms.

The main benefit to real estate videography is the production value it adds to the listing, making others see you as a top-tier professional or business establishment with their client’s best interests at heart.

Do you absolutely need a real estate video for your listing?

Not necessarily; it’s entirely up to you and what you think the marketing campaign needs in order to sell your property.

Real estate agents each have their growth strategies and video marketing campaigns, and we provide this marketing tool to help attract more potential buyers.

In some cases, a video can help your real estate listings show up in search engine rankings more often than not, so if this is the main marketing channel you want to increase your online presence or brand awareness on, then it might be worth considering using real estate videography.

In conclusion, real estate videography today has become an essential part of any small or large business because people are used to seeing images and videos about anything they’re interested in before making a purchase decision.

As a real estate agent, if you’re planning to use the internet as your primary way of marketing, then having good quality real estate videos can help you get ahead of the competition and get your message across more effectively.

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Real estate videography

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Is real estate videography expensive?

Compared to other types of marketing tools like websites or social media ads, where others might charge you anywhere between $1k – $4k per month, real estate marketing videos can cost as little as $1k per video.

This allows you to save money on ads but gives you a bigger return on investment compared to any other type of ad campaign.

What is the average cost of real estate videos?

Real estate videography can be produced at very reasonable rates compared to what you might see on other marketing channels. The idea is to make the video as eye-catching and powerful as possible while still working within your budget.

We try our best to work with all budgets that are given to us, so whether you’re looking for a simple property listing video or aerial footage for your real estate videography production, we will always do our best to help you get started with this type of marketing strategy, and present property listings in a professional manner.

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What affects the price of a real estate video

The price of a property video can be affected by many factors.
If you are planning on having an aerial videography production with a drone, a timelapse of the property, or expert grade video equipment, any special request will affect the price of the production.

Other factors that affect pricing include how complex your video needs are, the amount of editing that’s required for post-production, and other additional services that might need to be provided, such as voice-over recording or music licensing if you choose to use it.

How long does it take to produce the video?

The time it takes to produce and edit a real estate video depends on the type of video you want to be produced.

The more complicated your needs are, the more time-consuming this powerful marketing tool becomes.

We recommend at least one week for complex real estate videos and up to 2 weeks, depending on your specific requests.

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Where is real estate videography used?

Simply said, it can be used on your company’s real estate website, on listing websites, classified websites, and on social media (such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc)

To reach an even bigger demographic, you can use the video with ads on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, targeting local users.

Real estate videography

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Is it worth it to hire a real estate videographer?

With changing trends, every day, a real estate agent has to find different ways to make their properties stand out from others, and video marketing is one of these ways that can really give you an extra edge over the competition.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine what short real estate videos can do for your business.

On top of that, we’ve seen our customers increase their online visibility by as much as 100%, thanks to the powerful marketing strategy of real estate videography.

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real estate photography

Do buyers react better to photos or videos?

The fact of the matter is that buyers are used to seeing images on websites, so while photos can be interesting, they don’t really sell anything; they only showcase the property.

On the other hand, videos tend to be much more engaging in real-time and can have a powerful call to action, making them an extremely powerful marketing tool.

A great real estate property marketing strategy should combine both photos and videos, telling a story about what it would be like to live in the property and sell the dream.

Can you do it on your own?

Yes, of course, you can do it on your own. But why would you want to spend all that time and effort on something that we can do for you in less than a week with no hassle?

Why waste your time on this when it’s much easier to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, has the latest equipment, and does excellent work.

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How do I find and hire a real estate videography company?

Start by doing some research on Google, Facebook, or Instagram to see if any companies can help you produce your real estate videography and marketing strategy.

Work with a potential real estate videographer to create a script and storyboard, so you know what to expect before the shoot date.

List any additional services that might be needed, such as drone videography, a virtual tour, video marketing services, real estate photography, or other requests for them to give you their final price.

Or you can simply choose a package from our website and let us do all the work for you, provide you with an outstanding realty video, and help you get closer to selling your properties.

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